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Practice Nurse Incentive Program (PNIP)

What it does

The Practice Nurse Incentive Program (PNIP) provides incentive payments to support an expanded and enhanced role for nurses working in general practice.

The PNIP consolidates funding under the Practice Incentives Program Practice Nurse Incentive and six of the MBS practice nurse items.

The aim of the PNIP is to enable eligible general practices to expand the role of their practice nurses to deliver services and support to best meet the needs of their patients, whilst allowing the General Practitioner to focus on more complex care.

General practices across Australia, including those in urban areas, Aboriginal Medical Services and Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services, may be eligible for an incentive to offset the costs of employing a practice nurse. Part of the eligibility requirement is that a practice must be accredited against the current Royal Australian College of General Practitioners standards for general practice.

What it achieves

The PNIP supports general practice by providing:
    • support for practices in urban areas of workforce shortage, Aboriginal Medical Services and Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services to employ an allied health professional instead of or as well as a practice nurse;
    • incentive payments to eligible accredited practices of $25,000 per year, per 1,000 SWPE (Standardised Whole Patient Equivalent) where a Registered Nurse works at least 12 hours 40 minutes per week and/or $12,500 per year, per 1,000 SWPE where an Enrolled Nurse works at least 12 hours and 40 minutes per week;
    • support for all accredited practices to employ an Aboriginal Health Worker instead of or in addition to a practice nurse (Registered Nurse or Enrolled Nurse);
    • a rural loading;
    • a loading for Aboriginal Medical Services and Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services;
    • a one off incentive to support non-accredited practices to become accredited; and
    • a loading for practices that provide GP services to Department of Veterans’ Affairs Gold Card Holders.

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