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Nursing and Allied Health Rural Locum Scheme (NAHRLS)

Rural Nurse Locum Scheme (RNLS) and the Rural Allied Health Locum Scheme (RAHLS)

What it does

The RNLS and the RAHLS together are known as the Nursing and Allied Health Rural Locum Scheme (NAHRLS).

The NAHRLS has been set up so that rural nurses, midwives and eligible allied health professionals, including dental health professionals, can take professional and personal leave from their positions in rural Australia.

Aspen Medical, the administrators of the scheme, will recruit and support suitable health professionals as locums to help maintain continuous service delivery in these rural practices.

The scheme supports all locum recruitment, travel and accommodation costs and provides locums with a daily meal allowance and work incentive payment.

The NAHRLS is part of the Australian Government’s National Health and Hospital Network Reform agenda.

What it achieves

The NAHRLS provides nursing, midwifery and allied health locum placements so that rural professionals can take professional and personal leave.

The Scheme supports the ongoing CPD requirements of health professionals under the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme. It also encourages workforce retention with the aim of improving rural and remote workforce capacity.

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