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Rural Health Multidisciplinary Training Program - University Departments of Rural Health (UDRH)

What it does

There are 11 University Departments of Rural Health (UDRH) across Australia – at least one in each State and the Northern Territory.

This Programme provides funding to universities:
  • to support medical, nursing and allied health students to experience clinical training in rural and remote regions
  • to support health professionals who are currently practising in rural settings by providing education, training and support and promoting research into rural and remote health issues

What it achieves

The University Departments of Rural Health (UDRH) Programme encourages students of medicine, nursing and other health professions to pursue a career in rural practice by providing opportunities for students to practise their clinical skills in a rural environment. It also supports health professionals currently practising in rural settings.

A key strength of the UDRH Program has been its ability to adapt and respond to local community challenges and circumstances and in doing so assist in providing strategies for better health outcomes in communities. As a result it encourages innovative models of education which are tailored to the unique communities in which they are delivered.

UDRHs provide high quality rural clinical education experience, consolidating partnerships across sectors within a rural community.

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(You’ll find links to the 11 UDRH websites plus contact numbers, UDRH guidelines and link to the 2008 Evaluation of the UDRH and Rural Clinical School Programmes.)