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Rural Health Multidisciplinary Training - Rural Clinical Training & Support (RCTS) Programme

What it does

The RCTS Programme provides targeted funding to participating Australian medical schools for 3 principal areas:
  • rural student selection
  • improvement of support systems for students and rural medical educators
  • provision of structured rural placements for all Australian medical students.

It supports a network of 17 rural clinical schools across Australia. Key Programme targets include:
  • 25% of Australian medical students to complete at least one year of their clinical training in rural areas by the time they graduate,
  • 25% of Commonwealth supported medical students are recruited from a rural background, and
  • all medical students to complete at least 4 weeks of rural training.

The RCTS Programme also supports the Australian Government’s contribution to the Northern Territory Medical Program (NTMP), which is co-funded by the Northern Territory Government. The NTMP supports Northern Territory students to complete their entire medical degree in the Northern Territory.

What it achieves

The Programme encourages medical students to take up a career in rural practice by enabling them to undertake extended clinical training placements in rural locations.
The Northern Territory Medical Programme specifically aims to address medical workforce shortages and retention issues in the Northern Territory.

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