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Medicare Plus for Other Medical Practitioners Program (MOMPs)

What it does

The Medicare Plus for Other Medical Practitioners (MOMPs) programme provides access to the A1 Medicare rebate for general practice services provided in Areas of Workforce Shortage (AOWS) by eligible pre 1996 non-vocationally registered medical practitioners. Normally these medical practitioners would access the lower A2 Medicare rebate.

After medical practitioners have provided services in an AOWS for five years, their services will continue to attract the higher Medicare rebate regardless of where they practice in Australia.

Please note that AOWS is the same as District of Workforce Shortage (DWS). The current DWS status of every location in Australia for the medical speciality of general practice can be checked via the DoctorConnect locator map at . Please note that the DWS status for general practice is updated annually.


To be eligible for the MOMPs programme a doctor must:
  • be a non-vocationally registered medical practitioner registered with a State or Territory Medical Registration Board before 1 November 1996;
  • have been accessing Medicare rebates in general medical services prior to 1 November 1996;
  • be providing medical services in a defined AOWS or DWS; and
  • not have previously been on the Vocational Register or the Fellows List.

What it achieves

The programme provides an extra incentive for OMPs in adequately supplied workforce areas to relocate to areas of workforce shortage.

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