Evaluation of the Medical Specialist Outreach Assistance Program and the Visiting Optometrists Scheme - Final report volume 2

Rural and Remote Education Online (RRMEO) portal

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RRMEO is a unique online portal for education that ACRRM has internally developed. In order to access the portal users must register with ACRRM. Depending on their membership and eligibility, they will be provided access to portions of the portal. Everything that ACRRM accredits is available and searchable, such as classes (online and in person), workshops, training posts and educational resources. A learning planner is also provided for ACRRM members that allow educational activities and documentation to be tracked and stored for easy submission to accreditation organisations. The other main component of RRMEO is the online modules. Tele-Derm is one of these, in addition to other educational tools in a variety of clinical areas and live learning through virtual classrooms. Other features of the portal include the ability to download clinical guidelines on mobile devices, take tests online and many other components that allow rural and remote doctors to be educated and trained without leaving their community.