Evaluation of the Medical Specialist Outreach Assistance Program and the Visiting Optometrists Scheme - Final report volume 2

Improvement and expansion

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In order to improve and expand the service, the goal would be to minimise work for the referring doctor as possible. While it might be easier for the patient to participate in Tele-Derm, it is still less time and effort to refer the patient to a dermatologist directly, since referring GPs are not paid for the time they put into Tele-Derm. If the system could engage an assistant to take some case history and pictures, then there is the opportunity to get more GPs involved.

Areas where there is room for expansion of services includes:

  • nursing homes
  • inpatient units
  • ships at sea
  • locations where it is logistically or economically not feasible to visit
  • follow up services
  • anywhere where waitlists are long
  • emergency consultation.