Evaluation of the Medical Specialist Outreach Assistance Program and the Visiting Optometrists Scheme - Final report volume 2


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Funding for Tele-Derm is currently through MSOAP and is provided as part of a contract with ACRRM to support the service. The budget has remained fairly stable through the course of the program and has only increased marginally to adjust for inflation. The amount of funding received is defined by DoHA and specifies the exact levels of expenditure for individual components of the program such as wages and promotional activities. While the overall budget provided to ACRRM includes both Tele-Derm and teleradiology, the funding for each is clearly defined.

The dermatologist that ACRRM employs for the program is paid an hourly wage that is defined by MSOAP based on a standard rate for specialist services. Payments are then made to the dermatologist on a sessional basis. National licensing that is required for the services to be provided are reimbursed for the dermatologist by ACRRM from their budget.