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Home Medicines Review Rural Loading Allowance

What it does

A Home Medicines Review (HMR) involves the patient, their general practitioner (GP), an accredited pharmacist and regular community pharmacy. The pharmacist visits the patient at their home, reviews their medicines and provides their GP with a report. The GP and patient then agree on a medicine management plan.

A rural loading allowance may be payable to providers for Home Medicines Review services provided in rural areas. The loading defrays some of the additional costs associated with the provision of HMR services in rural areas. For the purposes of the allowance, a patient must be located in a rural or remote location which is defined as Categories 2-6 as defined by the Pharmacy Accessibility Remoteness Index of Australia (PhaRIA).

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia administers the HMR Rural Loading Allowance.

What it achieves

The HMR Program enhances quality use of medicines and reduces the number of adverse medicines events.

The rural loading increases access to HMR services in rural areas, and improves patients’ quality of life and health.

Want more info?

Go to the Pharmacy Guild of Australia website:
Phone: 1300 555 262