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Health and Hospitals Fund - Regional Cancer Centres

What it does

In the 2009-10 Federal Budget, $3.2 billion was provided under the Health and Hospitals Fund (HHF) for major health infrastructure projects.

This funding included $1.3 billion for national cancer infrastructure projects, including $556 million committed to establish a national network of Regional Cancer Centres (RCCs) and associated accommodation facilities.

Under HHF Round 2 a total of 21 RCC projects have been announced: six in NSW; five in QLD; five in VIC; two in WA; one in TAS; one in SA; and one in the ACT.

Under the subsequent two HHF Regional Priority Rounds, funding was announced for a further three regional cancer centres in Albury-Wodonga and Geelong, Victoria, and in Bundaberg, Queensland.

Under the Better Access to Radiation Oncology Budget Measure, $19 million was allocated to the Alan Walker Cancer Centre in Darwin.

What it achieves

The aim of the Regional Cancer Centres initiative is to help improve access and support for cancer patients in rural, regional and remote Australia, and to help close the gap in cancer outcomes between the city and the country.

A total of 25 regional cancer centre and associated accommodation projects have been approved – 21 in HHF Round 2, 3 in the 2010 and 2011 HHF Regional Priority Rounds and one project funded from the Better Access to Radiation Oncology Budget Measure. These projects will enable people with cancer to access the right care at the right time, as close as possible to home and family, irrespective of where they live or their social circumstances.

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