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HECS Reimbursement Scheme Cessation – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why did the Government close the HECS Reimbursement Scheme?

A: The Government has redirected all Scheme funds into a better designed incentive programme to improve the availability of doctors in rural communities.

Q: When did the Scheme end?

A: The HECS Reimbursement Scheme ceased on 30 June 2015. This means that no payments will be made for periods of service or training beyond this date.

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Q:I have completed eligible service or training in an eligible location, prior to 30 June 2015. Can I still apply?

A: Applications for payment for completed service or training closed on 31 July 2015. No further applications are being accepted.

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Q: Are there any other incentives available to for me for working in a regional or remote area?

A: Yes, you may be able to receive other incentives available to support doctors working in a regional or remote location. To find out what is on offer, visit

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Q: I don’t think my payment has been calculated correctly or I don’t think my application should have been rejected because of specific circumstances. What can I do?

A: Applicants have 28 days from the date of notification to appeal an eligibility decision or request a recalculation of their payment. Appeals will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the Department of Health.

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