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Bonded Medical Places (BMP) Scheme

What it does

The Bonded Medical Places (BMP) Scheme provides more doctors for areas experiencing doctor shortages. Twenty five percent of all first year Commonwealth Supported Places (CSP) medical school places are allocated to the Scheme.

Students accepting a BMP commit to working in a District of Workforce Shortage (DWS) area of their choice (outer metropolitan, rural and remote areas) for a period of time, equal to the length of their medical degree.

Up to 50% of the return of service period may be completed during eligible Pre-Vocational and/or Vocational training. After the completion of Fellowship, this time can be reduced further by credits obtained through Scaling where the more remote a location, the greater the incentive discount.

As a BMP Scheme doctor you can choose where you work, and for whom you work, when undertaking the return of service obligation.

Changes were recently announced to the DWS system and about where BMP Scheme participants can complete their return of service obligations. Students who are undertaking or have completed their medical degree through the BMP Scheme will be able to fulfil their return of service obligation in an expanded number of locations. Small rural towns of less than 15,000 populations will become an eligible location for training or practice for BMP participants, irrespective of its DWS status.

The changes to the DWS system will commence in early 2015. The Department of Health will provide information to BMP participants in the near future about these changes.

What it achieves

The need for more doctors outside Inner Metropolitan areas is widely recognised and many communities have identified having a local doctor as high on their list of health priorities.
The extra medical places funded by the BMP Scheme are intended to provide more doctors for areas experiencing doctor shortages.

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